An Effective Third Party Cleaning Verification Program

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The Sanera Verified‑Clean Program

Establishes a framework to help public venue facilities such as hotels, day care centres, sports, training and churches, objectively assess the effectiveness of their cleaning processes.  Using ATP swab testing in conjunction with a more traditional audit process a data base is created to confirm the cleaning is being done. Based on the philosophy of “Clean, Measure, Monitor”, the program will contribute to the quality of the indoor environment by focusing on:

  • The desired levels of cleanliness that can reasonably be achieved in the venue
  • Recommended monitoring and inspection procedures to measure the effectiveness of cleaning
  • How to use the measurement and inspection results to assess and improve cleaning processes and products, ultimately resulting in a clean, healthy, and safe indoor environment

This program is available only to properties who agree to permit our Provider Partners access for the purposes of visually inspecting and ATP swab testing of those areas of the facility covered in the program.

The program requires the properties to meet or exceed their own cleaning standards / requirements set out in the agreement. The expectations of the program are set by the facility and Sanera Verified-Clean is the method by which those expectations are monitored. Sanera Verified-Clean can help set the expectations. We encourage our customers to set high and yet reasonable standards then to work through a continual improvement process to exceed those standards.

Failure to meet the standards/requirements after remediation attempts will result in the program being cancelled at the property and the property must immediately discontinue marketing or otherwise representing themselves as being covered by the Sanera Verified-Clean program and our Clean Beyond designation.

Program Essentials

How It Begins


Methods, Results, Plus more ....

The program requires that the property determine the level of clean they desire to maintain. We will help create a baseline for your property by doing ATP swab testing of several areas. The results of the initial swab testing should enable you to determine what your property is capable of maintaining on a day-to-day basis. If the results of the baseline testing results don’t meet your desired level of clean, we can suggest improvements to training, equipment, or chemistry that may make possible a cleaner, safer environment.

Baseline testing requires multiple swabs to be used in “similar” areas. For example, to determine the baseline for a bathroom counter in a hotel room, we would swab a minimum of 5 such counters in 5 rooms. For the floor of a public area washroom, we would take a minimum of 5 samples on the floor of the same washroom or alternatively two swabs in the men’s room and three in the women’s room.

The average of the tests for similar areas is then calculated to determine the baseline. If the results are in excess of generally accepted industry standards, the areas will be cleaned again and a second series of tests conducted.

The Sanera Verified-Clean program requires unannounced site visit testing by one of our third-party partner representatives. During the first three months of your being included in the Verified-Clean program, our site visits will be monthly. Following the initial three months, we will site visit on a quarterly basis unless your contract with the service partner states a more frequent site visit is desired.

The program anticipates the property will be doing their own regular quality testing using the ATP meter(s) provided in the set-up package.

Results of the site visits will be shared with the management of the property immediately following the site visit. Where the results indicate a need for re-cleaning of areas the property will be asked if they wish to have a retest completed in those areas affected. Retests will only be completed within 24 hours of the site visit. An additional fee for this service may apply. If a retest is not requested the results, as collected, will be published.

Site visits with “cautionary” cleaning results may indicate a change in cleaning protocols, higher than normal guest activity or a staff training issue. The property should be able to reduce or eliminate most “caution” results through their in-house QA testing. The Sanera Verified-Clean program includes an ATP test unit intended to help the property maintain consistent cleaning results.

The understanding is that the Sanera Verified-Clean program is intended to promote a high level of cleaning—Cleaning For Health™—as such, it remains in the best interest of all parties concerned to have cleaning results that are consistent with this goal. If a property is unable or unwilling to address cleaning problem areas, the program may not be for them. Our program provider will attempt to resolve concerns, working with the property. However, if after two consecutive site visits the property continues to exhibit multiple failures or cautionary areas, it is at the sole discretion of Sanera Canada that the program at the property may be cancelled or withdrawn, without notice. We emphasize that Sanera Canada and our partner representatives will make efforts to help you correct your cleaning process.


Adenosine TriPhosphate


Relative Light Unit

ATP Cleaning Verification Systems help organizations achieve optimal standardized cleaning levels. These systems use bioluminescence technology to identify and measure adenosine triphosphate, commonly known as ATP. This measurement helps organizations objectively determine from a microbiological level if a surface has been cleaned properly and is safe for use, or if it requires a corrective action such as re-cleaning. 

- What is ATP? ATP is an energy molecule found in all living cells that allows cellular metabolism to take place. All organic matter contains ATP.  In healthcare facilities, organic matter such as bodily fluids, blood, and bacteria left on surfaces can become a point of cross contamination between patients and staff, which can lead to infections if not properly cleaned. Therefore, the detection of ATP on a surface after cleaning is an indication of cleaning efficacy. 

- What is bioluminescence? Hygiena ATP tests contain an enzyme called luciferase which produces a bioluminescence (light-producing) reaction when it comes into contact with ATP. The light emitted from the reaction is measured and quantified in a Hygiena luminometer. The unit of measurement for the emitted light is Relative Light Units (RLU)

- Higher Contamination = Higher RLU - The quantity of light generated by the bioluminescence reaction is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample. The reaction is immediate, allowing results to be processed in real-time. Results are expressed numerically on the screen in RLU

Sanera Verified-Clean uses and promotes the use of Hygiena ™ ATP meters.  For more information on Hygiena ™ visit their website:

*Cleaning For Health ™ is a registered trademark of the ISSA.

*Sanera Verified-Clean is a trademark (pending) of Sanera Canada

* Special thanks to Hygiena for the information used on this website and in our program.

Hotels & Motels

Racetracks, Casinos, Convention Centres, Stadiums and other areas where large numbers of people gather

Day Care Centres, Schools, Universities, Colleges

Prisons, Jails, Court Houses 

Restaurants, Café

Parks (washrooms)

Laundry facilities