Clean, Measure, Monitor

Helping You Keep your Facility Safe and Sanitized

Sanera Verified-Clean: The Standard for Cleanliness

To assure your customers that they are entering a clean, public venue consider joining the Sanera Verified-Clean program.

The SVC program makes your cleaning processes work as a powerful marketing advantage.

What it Does

Our program creates a framework using ATP meters alongside a more traditional audit process to help you objectively assess the effectiveness of your cleaning process. The Sanera Verified-Clean program focuses on:

  • The desired levels of cleanliness that can be achieved
  • The objective and subjective components in starting a methodology for measuring cleaning effectiveness
  • Corrective actions when the facility does not achieve the desired level of cleaning effectiveness

Program Requirements

To obtain the Sanera Verified-Clean program, you are required to meet or exceed the cleaning standards set out in the agreement. Our program can help you set the expectations that are going to be monitored. We are encouraging you to set high yet reasonable standards and exceed them through a continual improvement process.

Cancellation of the Program

The program will be cancelled at your property if you fail to meet the standards after remediation attempts. When this happens, any marketing that mentions you being covered by the program and our Clean Beyond designation will be discontinued. You can also cancel your program with notice as covered in your agreement.